How thick is it?

Our poured rubber flooring is 1/2 inch thick with no seams (unlike mats).  The flooring is trawled on like concrete by hand.

Is it like the other products?

No it is the ONLY non-porous product.  No liquid goes through it, unlike other products which cause corrosion to the floor.

Why is this the best product?

It adds value to your trailer.  There are no other products like it and you will never have to pull a mat again.  It quiets the trailers, kennels and stalls due to being a solid flooring verses pieces like mats.

How long does it take to set up?

It has to set up for 48 hours above freezing before anything can go on it.

Can you put it vertical or on walls?

No, it’s similar to concrete and has to be formed.

Can you apply over wood?

Yes, as long as it is not planked such as horse trailers.  We suggest you put 1/4 inch non treated screwed down plywood over planks then we can trawl it on.

Can I do this myself?

No, it needs to be installed by a certified installer.